First Steps on an Amazing Journey!

The arrival of a child in a family, by birth or adoption, is usually a time of great celebration. Many parents seek Christening for their child. During a Christening (Baptism), your child will be baptised and will be adopted into God’s family, the church. In the service we will pray for the child and for the parents and Godparents that they will bring the child up to know and to love God through Jesus. Baptism is so special that it can only be done once in a lifetime.

So that parents can make a positive decision to baptise their child, fully understanding the commitment to God and the Church involved, we ask all families to:

  • Meet with one of our clergy to discuss your hopes for the Christening – this can normally be conducted in your home.
  • Attend one of our church services for a minimum of six weeks.
  • Attend a Baptism preparation evening with other families.

During the baptism preparation evening, we explain the church’s teaching on Baptism, and talk about the practical arrangements for Baptism here. At the end of the evening, if you want to, you can book a date for the Baptism. A child can be baptised in our benefice if you live here or if there is a strong connection with this Benefice, but this will need to be agreed by clergy. All our baptisms are conducted as part of our regular Sunday services.

Some families decide that Baptism is not right for them and for their child but nonetheless want to celebrate the arrival of a child in their family and ask for God’s blessing on them. In that case, we are pleased to offer a service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of the Child which also happens as part of our regular Sunday services. We cover this possibility in our preparation meetings.

For lots more helpful information about Baptism, you can visit the Church of England’s Christening Website.

To arrange for a meeting with one of our local clergy, please Contact the Church Benefice Office.